A Better alternative to Helium10 AdTomic.

Helium10 is one of the most well-known tool providers for Amazon sellers.
They started with modules to help you validate your niche and now have more than 26 modules.
You might be familiar with their great Cerebro, their good keywords tracker, or their "sometimes accurate" Chrome extension.

But what about H10 AdTomic, their PPC Automation module?

If you don't run an 8-figure Amazon business yet, here are 5 reasons why PPCAssist is the best alternative to Helium10 AdTomic.


Save time.

Helium10's AdTomic is great for Amazon Ads nerds who enjoy diving into intricate details. To have dozens of parameters to tweak and feel like you're piloting a spaceship, you will love it.

But if you prioritize efficiency, smart and quick actions, and focusing on what truly matters, you might feel overwhelmed in AdTomic.

PPCAssist was built by former Amazon Sellers who have experienced the struggles with Amazon Ads.

We understand the value of your time as an entrepreneur. Every feature is designed to be simple and efficient.

No learning curve, no tutorials needed—just apply expert strategies or create your own.

Expert strategies

Full automation control

Simple UX

Easy onboarding


Rely on indie ads experts.

Helium10 AdTomic has a wide range of features. It is a great tool for experts who dedicate a lot of time to it.
However, if you are not an expert and have to manage multiple aspects of your business, you won't receive much assistance from them.

With PPCAssist, you can always rely on independent experts.
Firstly, you can apply their public strategies for free.
Additionally, you have the option to hire an expert who can create a custom strategy tailored to your Amazon business and manage your ads.

Handpicked Independent Experts

We interview, test and approve the best experts with proven track records.

Free Try

Try their strategies for free and decide later if you want to hire them.


Get more than ads automation.

In addition to PPC Automation, PPCAssist provides other important features for sellers.
You will get access to a sales dashboard, profit & loss analysis, analytics, data exports, a mobile app, and more.
PPCAssist focuses on providing all you need to track and increase your profits.

Besides, PPCAssist is a feedback-driven tool. 80% of our features came from user feedback.
Want to solve a specific issue? Just ask for it!

Feedback Community Module

Review request automation


Easy data export

Sales dashboard


We made it easy for you.

Amazon Seller Central and Ads Console can be a nightmare to navigate, right?
We have been through that. We know how important it is to keep things simple and intuitive.

Don't believe us. Start a 14 free trial now and see how smooth the experience is.

Never get lost

Intuitive user experience. Every feature comes with a 30s video if needed.


Need more help ? Chat with us. A real human will answer.


Up to 3 times cheaper!

Amazon's fees are complicated to understand and can be expensive!
Referral fees, FBA fees, storage fees, PPC, long-term storage, Vine, etc.

Helium10's AdTomic is no exception. It is a $199/month add-on. To use it, you will need a paid H10 subscription plan, starting at $29/month.
The minimum cost for AdTomic is $238/month.

On the other hand, PPCAssist offers simple pricing that includes all features.
Prices range from free for users making less than €1k/month to $99/month for sellers making more than $10k a month.
You can even save 2 months by paying yearly.

Free for starting entrepreneurs

Fair prices

No commission percentage

79 to 99€ / mo

Try it for free.

Start your 14 days free trial. Grow your profits now.

No credit card required.


Built for Entrepreneurs.

Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.
Track your profits, grow your reviews and more, in one place.

H10 Adtomic
PPCAssist PPCAssist


From $238 /mo to $478 /mo

From $79 /mo to $99 /mo

PPC Automation

Customizable Strategy

Human Experts Strategy + AI + Human Validation
(full control)

PPC manual edits

Keywords tracker

Currency conversion

Sales Dashboard

Starting with Platinum plan

Profit & Loss

Review Requests Automation

Feedback based evolutions

External Automation

Make (ex Integromat) connector + API


🔔 Cha-Ching ! 💰

You sometimes are obsessed refreshing your Amazon Seller app.  We know it... Time to receive pleasant notifications and more.


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