The best Shopkeeper alternative

As an Amazon Seller, you know how important it is to track your profits.
Amazon charges a lot of fees, and you want to keep track of them.
ShopKeeper was one of the first Amazon tools to provide an easy solution for that.

Profit tracking & analysis is now a common feature, and sellers need more than just analytics. They need ways to improve their profits.

Here are 5 reasons why PPCAssist is the best alternative to Shop Keeper for profit & loss tracking and, more importantly, for helping you improve your profits.

PPCAssist Sales Dashboard

More accurate.

The number one purpose of profit tracking is to be accurate.
Amazon data is structured and provided in a way that makes accuracy a real challenge for tool providers.

A few months ago, ShopKeeper made an update and many sellers started complaining about wrong profit numbers.

PPCAssist focuses on ensuring the most accurate numbers possible.
We put a lot of effort into comparing them with Amazon seller data.

All Amazon Fees tracked

Orders synchronized every 10 minutes

Accurate currency converter


Grow your profits.

Tracking your sales and profits is just the start.
PPCAssist mainly focuses on helping you grow your profits.

Track your ad metrics easily and automate your Amazon PPC in 3 clicks.
Get more 5-star reviews by enabling review request automation and increase conversions.

Receive weekly reports to identify areas for improvement.

Amazon Ads Automation

Automate your PPC with experts strategies or create your own ones.

Review requests Automation

Boost your reviews with review requests sent automatically.

Weekly reports

Discover each monday what worked and what to improve.


Master your Amazon PPC.

Amazon Ads can either be the best growth opportunity or can negatively impact your profit margin.

PPCAssist will help you master your Amazon Ads. It not only tracks sales and profits but also provides insights into all ad metrics.

In addition to PPC automation, PPCAssist offers an intuitive ads console and breakdown views.
You can also make edits to your ads directly from PPCAssist.

Ads Overview

Ads targets console

Targets breakdown

Easy data export


Much more easy for you.

After a quick and easy setup, get access to very intuitive features.
No learning curve, no tutorial needed.

Don't believe us. Start a 14 free trial now and see how smooth the experience is.

Never get lost

Intuitive user experience. Every feature comes with a 30s video if needed.


Need more help ? Chat with us. A real human will answer.


Ask what you want

PPCAssist is a feedback-driven tool.
Most of our features are based on user demand.

We release new features and improvements every week.

Have an idea? Just share it in the feedback module, and we'll work on implementing it within a few weeks.
Once you subscribe, your price will never increase. Even if we release new features and raise the price for new users.

Feedback Module

Evolutive tool

Fixed price

Try it for free.

Start your 14 days free trial. Grow your profits now.

No credit card required.


Built to grow.

Track your profits, and make it grow !

PPCAssist PPCAssist


From $25 /mo to $250 /mo

From $39 to $99 /mo

Profit & Loss

Currency conversion

Inventory Tracking

In Progress

PPC Automation

PPC manual edits

Keywords tracker

Reviews tracker

Review Requests Automation

Feedback module

External Automation

Make (ex Integromat) connector + API


Your business in your pocket.

You sometimes are obsessed refreshing your Amazon Seller app.  We know it... Time to receive pleasant notifications and more.


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